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From Data to Deals:
Your AI Partner in Real Estate Excellence

Handles Complex Data Easily

It efficiently processes and organizes vast amounts of real estate data, transforming complex market information into easily understandable insights. This simplification saves you from the time-consuming task of data analysis and interpretation.

Providing Business Insights

The assistant learns what's important for your business, providing customized advice and insights. Be always prepared with the latest data and insights. This forward-thinking approach allows for proactive rather than reactive planning, keeping you one step ahead in the competitive real estate market.

Makes Decisions Simpler

By guiding you to ask the right questions and providing well-analyzed answers, the AI assistant aids in making more informed decisions quickly and confidently, reducing the stress and uncertainty often associated with complex decision-making.

Increases Productivity

Routine and repetitive tasks are automated, freeing up significant amounts of time. This allows you to focus on high-value activities like building client relationships and strategizing for business growth.

Keeps Information Safe

AlphaPrompt ensures the security of all business data and gives users the certainty that their information is safe. We take particular care to store and process data only within the company.

Meet your new AI Partner in Real Estate

One Assistant - supports different use cases

Data Analyst

You can ask AlphaPrompt anything about connected data and let the AI validate e.g. consistency & data correctness​.

Business Analyst

Let AlphaPrompt process texts, numbers and figures to create insights for presentations, management meetings as well as reports for public relations​.

Market Research & Communication

Feed AlphaPrompt with all in your company available information (e.g. market reports, transaction data). AlphaPrompt can detect connections and create a more insightful market analysis.


Managers may ask for specific performance data and AlphaPrompt delivers those KPIs ad hoc and in the preferred result form.


New colleagues need information and guidelines regarding company processes (e.g. vacation request or travel policy). AlphaPrompt creates an answer to all their questions and shows where corresponding documents can be found​.


Give AlphaPrompt access to a dataroom and your Due Diligence requirements. AlphaPrompt will performe a pre-check of all requirments – highlighting potential red flags.

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