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We revolutionize data and information management by our AI-based virtual assistant and increase the efficiency of your employees.

Our product mission

Stop Searching, Start Prompting!


wasting valuable time searching for and processing relevant information.


getting information later than you need it and be limited to predefined patterns.


prolonging info exchange between decision-makers, data providers and data teams.

What you get

Self-Service Business Intelligence

Teach About Your Business

Impart your business context, AlphaPrompt will intelligently apply it and optimize its responses for relevancy.​

Designed for Everyone

No need for complex codes or commands. Just ask AlphaPrompt in everyday language, and let it translate your queries into actionable insights. ​


AlphaPrompt understands the content of your documents and data and lets you create reports, insights and visualizations automatically.​

Our AlphaPrompt modules

AlphaPrompt Knowledge Management

Stop searching for information – start using your virtual assistant and focus on using the insights!

With our knowledge management tool, you can find information in your linked documents (e.g. from Teams, Outlook or SharePoint) and get a qualified answer to your question.

For each question, the virtual assistant shows you which documents are relevant for the answer, where you can find them and on which pages the sources for the respective answer can be found.

Our AlphaPrompt modules

AlphaPrompt Data Analytics

Don’t wait for colleagues or service providers to implement your data reporting requirements – start evaluating data flexibly yourself without any prior knowledge. Our data analytics tool enables you to get immediate answers and reports to your data questions to see the big picture and make strategic decisions. AlphaPrompt flexibly queries all your data, models visualizations and lets you create reports in everyday language.

Our AlphaPrompt modules

Coming soon | AlphaPrompt Data Validation

Stop using false data – start checking all of your data based on logic like a human.

Let AlphaPrompt check your data, entry by entry and with the greater picture of your business context in mind to detect logical issues and potential false data.

Any open questions?


We place great emphasis on traceability. For every answer you can see where the data comes from and how it has been processed. Therefore, we provide the source documents and tables as well as the applied code.​
Besides, you can tag prompts within your organization according to their stage of development. This way users can share prompts without having to worry about the results.​

AlphaPrompt can query structured data (-bases) as well as text, pictures and figures in documents such as PDFs or docx.

Alpha Prompt provides you with universal database compatibility. AlphaPrompt covers standardized database and -storage interfaces, so that you can connect various data storages and databases. However, if you want to upload a file for a specific question, just drag and drop it into your question.​

Additionally, to the base knowledge about your industry, every interaction with AlphaPrompt is used to optimize your experience. The questions you ask, the data you provide and the improvements you make are used to optimize the model.​
Within an industry we identify patterns in prompts and use those to further train the models. However, no need to worry, no internal data is shared only prompts.

Tools like ChatGPT are components of AlphaPrompt. AlphaPrompt combines various of those tools (e.g. from OpenAI, Google or AlephAlpha), selected according to their capabilities and costs.​
Besides, those tools are modified, which means that they have by default more knowledge about your industry (e.g. knowing data exchange standards, typical data issues and KPIs), can handle big data request and integrate seamlessly into your IT environment.​
Lastly, AlphaPrompt relies on your data, not on online information.​

Part of AlphaPrompt is a marketplace for prompts, where you and other can share meaningful prompts. The marketplace will help you to apply industry standard KPIs respectively prompts to your data.​

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