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Our collaboration started in Regensburg during academic pursuits, when we really recognized our customers’ need for straightforward information management, so we united our Business Intelligence expertise to build something valuable.

Our experience

"Why we are capable of developing a leading AI based infomation management software"

We are already proficient in newest
AI technology before ChatGPT and others aspired

We started to apply and combine the technology of Large Language Models (LLM) with business intelligence before prominent Models like ChatGPT aspired first in year 2023.

We have the best educational baseline for data analysis and Large Language Models

We have expericened our academic research & development in the top leading Real Estate institute (IREBS Regensburg) with focus on transfer of research into practical solutions.

We know how to develop and scale software based solutions

We rely on several years of experience in digitalization projects in one of the top 5 IT-Consulting providers in Germany to accompany the transformation of clients next to product implementation.

CPO & Co-Founder

Even with little technical effort, companies can be organized much more efficiently today. With our solutions, I would like to raise awareness of this and support our customers in implementing it.​

CTO & Co-Founder

Too often, I've seen manual and error-prone data analyses in practice. At PPB, I want to address this issue with our intuitive BI solutions and, together with you, derive the maximum information gain from your data.​

CEO & Co-Founder

My expectation for us is that with our digital products, we provide solutions that offer real added value and are sustainably implemented by our clients.​

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